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Monday, 9 January 2012



So ... since I was able to get in a killer 55min Spinning session in yesterday, I thought I would post my playlist so that you too could enjoy some of the tunes I was Saddle-Rocking to!

*sorry, there's no "fit-to-screen" option... and I didn't like how the over-hang looks.. so you may have to *squint* a little!


ps - if you want the ride program, you can email me & I will send it to you, so you can try it out :)

MyoRope Review

So I recently was given the chance to test out the MyoRope quad-rope & all I have to say is...

OUCH! But in THE BEST WAY! You know... that "I soo need to get this knot out & the pain I'm feeling right now means that the pain that was there BEFORE will be gone when I'm done" kinda way!

Unlike the Foam Roller (which, as you ALL know, I LOVE/loathe/LOVE), the individually spaced nodes provided by the rubber balls on the myorope hit those smaller, hard-to-reach, spots that the roller just glances over.

Super easy to use, body weight over surface usage (like the foam roller, vs. TheStick) with handles for easier manoeuverability and transfer between locations.

I DEFINITELY recommend it, if you're prone to going DUMB HARD until you're a bag of knots, like I am!

- Mia