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Wednesday, 8 August 2012

UNDER ARMOUR Product Review !!!

I've had the opportunity to test out the New UNDER ARMOUR WOMEN : ARMOUR BRA

Can I start by saying it's wonderful to find a SPORTSbra for MY actual bra-size that doesn't involve white or taupe, irritating underwire, or a Department store!?

I love the fact that the sizes are color specific, so you never accidentally grab the wrong size in a rush (*we've ALL been there!), and you only have to worry about picking the right measurement. Yes, you get it in your ACTUAL BRA SIZE (*get measured, trust me, 85% of women are wearing the WRONG SIZE!)

About the Armour Bra (Straight from the UA:Women Info-Booklet) >>
  • Bonded seams eliminate painful rubbing and chafing
  • Removable, molded cups deliver modesty, support, and a streamlined silhouette
  • Straps built with UA’s SuperStretch technology that eliminates digging
  • Ultra-soft, sturdy fabric feels smooth and comfortable against your skin
  • Signature UA Compression fabric lets you concentrate on your moves, not what’s moving
  • Next generation power sling construction cradles for superior support that stays put
Being in the more-endowed half of the female population, I've bounced (*pun!) NATURALLY between a C and D (*& DD at my heaviest!)  It was nice to have a bra that was not only VERY comfortable, but also extremely supportive, without wires! Even the clasps in the back are stitched in to avoid skin contact/rubbing, during intense workouts.

I used the bra for different kinds of workouts: Weight Lifting, Running, Plyometric/Interval Circuits and Yoga. She was a dream across the board! She was sturdy and shape-holding during my lifts, and during Yoga I didn't feel as though my movement was being constricted. Through the run & plyo/intervals my girls were cradled ~ they were lovingly held safely and happily to prevent excess movement (*think BOINGY BOINGY BOINGY for the some of the other guys' bras!).

The Bra really keeps the ladies in CHECK and unlike some other brands, there was no underarm burns, no strap-trapping (*aka: straps digging into the neck/shoulder) and no rib-rubbing from trying to compress the girls to suffocation!  True to word, UA's Moisture Transport System kept sweat away from my body as my temperature started to rise, and the mesh venting down the back was ideal for enhanced breathability.

After four or five washes, and as I lost a little weight (I'm down 18lbs in last month) it's a little bit looser, BUT still a great fit and holding up (*pun #2) very well! But what I LOVE about the Under Armour brand >> Their satisfaction guarantee! If you're not 100% satisfied with your gear, return it for a full refund. Anytime. Any Reason. Guaranteed.

Although it is a little bit pricey (*about $60 CAD/USD) the BEST bra's are WORTH IT (in any brand) and I definitely recommend it! Especially for my ladies who are bigger than an A or B (*no shots, but y'all little bitties, just can not understand how PAINFUL fitness can be, for the bigger girls!)you'll definitely want to get your girls in to one of these Under Armour bras.

Looking forward to more from UnderArmour and their ladies' line!
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