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Thursday, 2 August 2012

Medal-worthy Abs

Want the midsection of the world's top Summer Olympians?

First, and I've said it a million times before, EAT CLEAN & DRINK YOUR WATER!
Second, train your abdominals like they do! 

Here are the ways some of the worlds top male & female Elite athletes, get RIPPED.

The secret to American Swimmer Ryan Lochte's sexy six-pack?
He claims the secret to great abs: "whatever you do, make them BURN." Crunches, Leg Raises, Scissor Kicks, and weighted abs work are all killer moves for a strong core, which is KEY to fast swimming. All the power in your stroke starts from the core. His personal secret weapon? Underwater Dolphin Kicks. Off the block & after every turn, this move is key to moving the body forward without the top-water drag. Another plus, of dolphin kick? KILLER ABS.

Try this BEGINNER in-pool core-based workout:
  • 2 laps (50m) Freestyle (*front crawl stroke)
  • 1 lap Dolphin kick on your back
  • 2 laps (50m) Freestyle
  • 1 lap Dolphin kick on your Right side
  • 2 laps (50m) Freestyle
  • 1 lap Dolphin kick on your Left Side
  • 2 laps (50m) Freestyle
  • 1 lap Dolphin Kick on your front - start underwater, come up to breathe, return underwater.
If you've got the in-water fitness, repeat it 2-4x
If you're an advanced swimmer, throw this in the middle of any in-water endurance/strength workout & do the swim laps one stroke per round

Want to be Bikini-ready year round like Brasil's Beach Volleyball team?
Beach Volleyball Ladies not only have kick-ass BOOTY, but great ABS too! How? Simple... the key moves for BOTH are SQUATS (you had to see that one coming) and Leap Frogs!
Volleyball players spend a LOT of time in a midsquat to squat position, and doing Jump squats to build power for their strikes. In order to hit those high jumps and faster direction-changing dives, they need strong legs, glutes and core!

Try this Lower body blasting combo:
  • 25 Bodyweight Deep Wide-stance Squat
    • Go as low as you can with good form: shoulders over the midthigh, chest up, knees behind the toes & spine straight not hunched
  • 25 LeapFrogs
    • Start in squat position, arms down by your sides. Swing the arms up overhead creating momentum as you jump for height. Land in Squat position.
  • 25 (per side) Squat to Curtsey Lunge.
    • Get in a Close-stance squat, as you stand take your right leg behind your left leg in a curtsey manoeuver. Repeat for other side.
  • 25 Wide Knee Crunches
    • Lay on your back, feet on floor - knees bent to 90degrees, legs wide - hands on ears, elbows wide. Bring your knees to your elbows as you contract your abs in a crunch.

Try these out & "get the London Look" (*yes, I totally infringed from Rimmel... please don't tell them!)

xo - Mia