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Friday, 10 August 2012

Something New : Luna & Larry's CBDC

Happy Friday everyone!

This is the second week of my SOMETHING NEW series.

Originally I had planned to write a short blog on the intro to Hatha-Flow Yoga Class that my ACES and I took at YogaTree Midtown (their Yonge/Eglinton Location), but, as I am adding my 2cents to the Team Recap blog on http://2tbfitness.com/2012/08/10/aces-fit-link/ I thought to myself... HEY, HOMEY... Why not write about some other thing New? And, I said to myself, I said... YEAH, But WHAT?!  And as I walked into my house, I remembered that I had bought something New earlier this week!

So... without too much further ado I present to you my Testing and Review of

Now, I know what you're thinking "OMG Mia has lost it, she's sampling ICE CREAM?!"

But there's a method to the madness. I swear! Anyone who knows me, knows I'm a frozen treat FIEND! Especially Ice Cream. This one is SPECIAL. Not ONLY is it Soy & Dairy Free, Completely Vegan and Certified Fair Trade, BUT it's HELLA YUMMY!

I only had 2 TBSP - I told you, method & tasting - no bingeing here!

As you'd expect, the "too good to be good for you" is too good to be true, and it STILL packs a worthy 220cals per half cup, but it's only 15g of Sugar and it's from pure Agave Syrup, and fresh pressed Coconut Milk. It's alkali pressed FT Cocoa, and with just a touch of FT Vanilla, it still has a little, and may I say, pleasent Coconut undernote.

If you're jonesing and MUST have some dessert, I would definitely recommend this one. Beyond the "feel good" fair trade/organic & renewable sources, it's feel good for the waistline, too. It carries a few grams less fat (but "better" fat), and much less sugar (again, from cleaner sweetener sources) than ANY "real" ice cream. Additional plus side: it takes the edge off WAY BETTER than any "diet" or low-fat fix brand, I've tried to date.

This is the only flavor I've tried, yet, but there are TONS!

PLEASE ENJOY RESPONSIBLY! - oops! Another slogan infringement, but definitely applies!
xo - Mia