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ACE Certified Personal Trainer; NSCA Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist; CSEP Certified Personal Fitness & Lifestyle Advisor; MaddDogg Spinning Instructor; NCCP SwimCoach; NLSC Aquafit Instructor; Wellness & Weight-Loss Consultant.

Monday, 18 July 2011

So I've Started a BLOG...

My name is Mia,
I'm a CERTIFIED Personal Trainer, Swim Coach, Spinning Instructor, Diet/WeightLoss/Lifestyle Advisor and SELF-PROCLAIMED Foodie.
Many of my friends call me "MiaPaedia" ... why? I know a few things, about a LOT of stuff, and I LOVE to share my Trivia & trivial tips & quips with whomever will listen. Which is why I found myself on Twitter
>> @therealmiamazin <<

"I love your tips & inspiration on Twitter, YOU SHOULD START A BLOG!!"

After hearing this about 257 times... I FINALLY HAVE.

This Blog is a platform to help YOU be the BEST YOU you can be... to Help you BE AMAZING!

My goal is to provide you with Answers. With Information & INSPIRATION to put you on the path to Fitness & Health with posts about Food & Diet (*including some Recipes), Exercise, Videos, & Helpful Links

IF you have any questions... Please contact me - for the basics, leave a comment. For private or more detailed questions, Or for more information on my BODY MORPHOLOGY fitness programs, email me!