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Thursday, 27 October 2011

New working 1RM!

170lb single rep for bench press!!

So it was 3/4 depth, and took 3 attempts BUT it's something to work with & towards my 5rep!


But, for now, check it out ~> http://youtu.be/y0c7EmUjOL8

Couple new Vids!!

on my Youtube Channel... For Workout WINSday :)

*yes... it's Thursday, but I was packing!

http://youtu.be/nUNd31DiWZQ -- Lat Pull Down
http://youtu.be/yRrxg-omdEM -- 25lb plate weighted Pull UP
http://youtu.be/6HkRp3j8TOU -- 38" boxjumps

Let me know what you think!!