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Friday, 29 July 2011

Sometimes I get creative...

This is one of my clients... Marc - what I love about him is no matter what I think up, he'll FIRST ask if I'm "serious" and then, DO IT - no additional questions asked. He's made great strides in his fitness over the 2years I've known him.

He's a VERY good sport...


Will try to post 1 or 2 workout vids / week ... either a suggested workout, or one of my... ummm "self-challenges" for lack of a better term!

Here's the one for this week...
Last week I leg-pressed 5+5 plates (*45lbs per plate) on the hip sled, and I posed the self-challenge of hitting 6+6 plates, for MINIMUM 6reps, this week... and I DID IT! (*I actually did 7+7 for 2reps, but in the interest of safety - since I needed my partner/spotter - it wasn't video'd

However, the 6+6 for 6, was >> ENJOY! >>