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Saturday, 22 October 2011

I know I said this blog wasn't going to be personal...

But... This is worth the exception


Friends are heroes. Just like emergency responders run toward havok
while other flee from it, friends run to your side in chaos while
others turn away.

My friends are Awesome. By the true definition, they are AWE-worthy. I
am truly inspired to do more, do better, complain less in life. To
sustain on what we have but to strive for more.

They are my web, my nest, my family, my home away from home. (*well,
except for my sis, who is my friend but also legit family - I digress)

Male & female, they are warriors in their own rights. Fighting their
own demons & battles. Taking on & smashing through challenges. Growing
when circumstances try to limit their power. Thriving when things seem

So many paths they walk, and I was fortunate that my path intertwines
with them all (though some of theirs may never intersect)

Though extremely different in creed, race, character, sex & age each
one has added to MY growth, my life, my strength. They are parts of
ME. They were brought into my life to allow those parts to be
fortified & nurished by their spirits; their input; their love.

They remind me that we often dont control our circumstances, we don't
always have escape routes, or available ways to avoid pain, but we can
& should control how we respond!

They remind me that to overcome an obstacle, sometimes the true fight,
the thing that shows true strength is to stay in the chaos & SURVIVE.

They are true proof, that sometimes to win the fight, you won't get to
knock someone out or get them to submit. But often you just have to
last to the bell, and life may give you the Win by decision. ONLY IF
you Never stop swinging!
And if you can't swing, protect your neck & make sure you have a steel jaw!

I am Honored an Humbled & Inspired that they have chosen to call ME
friend as well.
I am truly blessed to overflow by the people in my life.

I TRY do my best, and will continue to strive to do MORE, to do the
same for them. I only hope they feel the love I have for them. Through
the tears, laughter, rants, rage. Through the Parties, exams,
workouts, practices,  Through the births & deaths; wins & losses. In
celebrations & in condolences. I pray daily for them all, hoping they
know that they are thought of and loved.

They Inspire ME to be my best. To stand for something. They support my
goals, no matter how crazy they may seem to others..

My band of Warriors. My "Spartans 300" against the World's "Persian Army".

To my sister, my Heart, my ACEgirls, my soulchild, my Sunday ladies,
my Halfies, my fitness beasts & my Boys :: Regardless of the length of
time we've known each other, Each for your own reasons, thru different
walks of life.
Those who I call BestFriend. A Love. My 'adopted' family, my favored
ones amongst many in similar circles.

Due to the circumstances in the past year, I've done my best to say it
frequently to those I hold in my heart (You never know when you will
say it for the last time)

My Friends --» I LOVE YOU

We may not communicate daily, but hold the truth that you are loved &
you matter to someone.; to me, even on days you feel less so.

Thank you for being my Hero, My Friend.

Love always,