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Saturday, 23 July 2011

A couple more TRX pics!

Here are a couple more pics of the TRX system... These were taken as @Jus_Kat and I finishing were off our Chest & Tri's workout today @gymkhanalimited.

Here's Me doing a set of Suicide Curls. They work the entire core + upper body, but focus on the Biceps & Triceps.The arms are extended out, as the body is lowered down, working the Triceps, and then the arms are flexed in order to draw the body back to a sharper angle, working the biceps. (*They BURN like HELL!) In order the stabilize the body the shoulers, chest and core are all fired up to hold the body in a plank-like position.
Kat is doing a great set of mid-range TRX push-ups. Notice the nice level position of the shoulders, the elevated heels & the tight core hold! Chest KILLERS!